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04 Oct Lentils in our Food

Lentils are being major part of our diets and civilization’s oldest foods, containing high protein and fiber while low in fat content; Lentils are helpful in reducing the risks of heart disease. In Pakistan most common dish prepared from lentils in Kichdi (Rice and Lentil cooked together), while other recipes can be seen in gallery provided by friends from Khana-Pakana.

Have a look at the following BBC-Food documentary by Anjum Anand about the influence of Lentils in South Asia in following video, further documentaries about Indian Food can be followed at Indian Food Made Easy – BBC Food.

Learning about lentils in our food – BBC – http… by foodstreet.pk

Lentils being tasty diet staple, prefect to be used with salads in summer or Ingredient for a veggie lover. Food Street had gathered some well known health benefits of Lentils in our food:

  • Lentils are being helpful in reducing the Cholesterol level in blood though the presence of soluble fiber.
  • High Fiber food helps reducing heart disease risk. The presence of Folate and Magnesium is also beneficial for Heart health.
  • Fiber also helps to prevent digestive disorders
  • Soluble Fiber stabilizes the sugar levels in the blood by trapping carbohydrates and slowing the digestion.
  • Lentils are excellent source for proteins for Vegetable lovers
  • Lentils slow down the digestion speed and hence higher amount of energy extracted in the form of Iron, a key to energy production in the body.
  • As compared to the benefits from lentils in the form of Fiber  Protein, Minerals and Vitamins, they only contain very small concentration of Calories. Hence very useful for weight reduction.

Last word:

Lentils are very diverse in their types, sizes and color  Fragrant Soups, Stews, Salads, Patties for Burgers are only the starting discussion of the menus in which Lentils can be used and these recipes are readily available over internet.

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