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04 Oct Making Your Restaurant and Overnight Success

When it comes to the hospitality industry, reputation is the key. How can you take your new restaurant and turn it into an overnight success? Make a great first impression. But then comes the tough part. You have to maintain the same quality and service consistently in order gain repeat business and score critical acclaim. Here are some suggestions that will take your business farther.

Making Your Restaurant and Overnight Success

There are certain things that will jump out at a customer immediately and turn them from a passerby into a patron. An attractive store front is important. Spend time on an attractive menu and have it in the window so people can get an idea of what type of establishment it is before entering. When it comes to pricing, people automatically equate decimals with cheap, so instead of 6.95 charge 7 if you want to appear upscale.

Upon entering the establishment, the most noticeable thing will be ambiance. The patron will ask themselves: “Do I want to sit here for an hour?” Make sure the answer is yes by having the right music, decorating, and people. It may seem shallow, but it’s true – we want attractive people to seat us and bring us our meal. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your servers just for looks, but don’t go to the opposite extreme either. Modest uniforms go a long way to showing your staff is a team that will be making their experience enjoyable.

Make sure the waitstaff is properly trained. A well trained staff will make one time customers become regulars. Proper manners and decorum are important. Depending on the type of restaurant, you may prefer either a more outgoing or reserved waitstaff. An expensive restaurant should have a refined staff. A family restaurant should have a fun and bubbly staff. Make sure the staff know the menu and restaurant policies well so that they can field questions confidently.

Obviously, once the meal arrives this will make or break the evening. An otherwise good experience can be ruined by either poor food and drink, or the meal taking too long. Tasty food, delivered in a timely fashion, will result in repeat business. Also, be sure to have enough food on hand, especially popular dishes. It’s frustrating to go to your favorite restaurant and have them be out of what you want to eat, and maybe even your second choice as well.

By applying these suggestions, you are sure to make your business stand out from the rest. So what are you waiting for? Make your restaurant the one that everyone in town is talking about!

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