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04 Oct Feeding Time For Small Birds

They are cute, they are funny and they are just like human offspring.”

Photographer Octavianus Dramawan took a series of stunning pictures while Warbler mother bird is feeding its chicks. The interesting thing about these images where the resemblance with human mother with their children in feeding time.

These images represent how mother goes to any extent to bring food for their children, which are showing that any appreciation done for mothers is not sufficient as they have suffered to raise us and taught us well.

Hence the motto of the image story is

A mother’s work is never done”

Midnight feast: There’s no rest for this warbler parent as she continues foraging and feeding late into the night

Incey wincey: The chicks will make easy work of this spider

Bring food Mama

Perched: This caterpillar’s days are numbered as this chick prepares for its next meal

Tweet me: They may be hungry but these young warblers expect mum to come to them with food

Birdsong: A chorus emits from these youngsters competing for this delicious treat

Here is food kids

Under pressure: A long-suffering mother passes a grub up to her chick who looks big enough to go and get its own food

Pick me! Pick me! The two on the right compete for food while the chick on the left looks like its been elbowed out

Open wide: A grasshopper is brought to this waiting chick
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