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04 Oct Medical Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon

Ram Ban name given to Honey by scientists because of its many benefits against diseases even though it is sweet, still which right amount of regular usage with cinnamon it stays not harmful for the diabetic patients too.

Food Street with the help of Weekly World News Magazine in Canada from 1995 issue gathered a list of several diseases that Honey and Cinnamon together can cure.

Cures to Heart Diseases & Cholesterol

Use Honey & Cinnamon paste on bread instead on Jam or Jelly in Breakfast, it will help in reduction of cholesterol and chances of heart attack. In North America, various medical institutes have treated patients with Honey and have found that it revitalizes the arteries and veins that are clogged with the age.

Cure to Arthritis

Chronic form of Arthritis is expected to be solved when a regular morning and night dosage of honey and cinnamon is taken with warm water. The remedy has relieved several patients within a month from the pain of Arthritis in a research at Copenhagen University.

Cure to Bladder Infections & Stomach

Honey in combination with Cinnamon taken with warm water kills germs present in bladder hence reduces the infectious diseases to host. It also cleared stomach ulcers and stomach gas from its foundation.

Cure to Dental Pain

Application of Cinnamon and Honey paste on teeth regularly can stop the tooth from aching.

Cure to Cold and Fever

Cough, cold and sinuses can be cured with honey and cinnamon taken with lukewarm water three times a day.

Strengthen the Immune System

Bacterial and Viral attacks can be successfully stopped by our immune system, as the regular usage of Honey and Cinnamon containing several vitamins strengthen the white blood cells which fight off these bacteria and virus.

Include Honey and Cinnamon in your daily diet and share this to others too.

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