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Welcome to Food Street! Our mission is to deliver vital, user-submitted information about local restaurants, diners and food establishments. We believe customers have the right to see unbiased reviews & ratings when planning their next dining experience. Food Street offers a wealth of knowledge about thousands of places aggregated into one simple website, allowing members to make easy dining decisions based on customer feedback, photos,media, menus and more

For Food Lovers

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed foodie or an occasional diner, Food Street can help you find your taste. Using dynamic search functionality, users can browse hundreds of local restaurants that fit their exact criteria. Whatever drives you to try something new, from price range to ambiance, Food Street can be your definitive guide.

In addition to offering superb chances at an enjoyable meal experience, we also provide members with the ability to speak to the community afterwards through reviews, ratings and photos. You, the customer, is empowered to spread the message about these establishments, whatever the stance may be. People choose to come back and leave honest, anonymous feedback to benefit the overall effectiveness of this generous marketplace.

Food Street is the place to discover the many exquisite tastes around you!

For Restaurants

Food Street gives restaurants of all tastes a unique promotional platform. Whether you serve Italian, Chinese, American, Continental or Indian, there is a growing marketplace of taste hungry customers waiting to learn about your establishment. As a registered location, you will have the ability to add & update content any time including menus, specials, photos, media, text, deals and more..

Members can discover your place in several ways throughout our site, giving you incredible potential to bring new customers through the door each day. Our development team has put the utmost effort into the site’s search engine optimization, dynamic usability, cutting edge design and intelligent search algorithm. Food Street is a highly-effective supplement to your online marketing campaigns.

The exciting part is, your listing will grow organically. Past customers can login and share their dining experiences with the community. Let your food, service, standards, environment and hospitality speak for itself!

Looking Ahead

Food Street is the future of decision-making in the dining industry. Customer reviews carry an enormous weight, effectively separating the quality restaurants from the unsavory establishments. We hope you’ll join us in this movement to reclaim truth in a world of retail deceit & empty promises. Together, we can build a community based on the values of trust, reputation and integrity, all in the pursuit of great food.

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