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Foodstreet is a convenient and reliable platform that connects customers with a wide range of dining options and offers a seamless online ordering experience.

Users should be able to easily search for restaurants based on criteria like location, cuisine, price range, ratings, and availability.

Each restaurant should have a profile page that provides detailed information about the establishment, including its hours, menu, contact information, reviews, and photos and videos.

Some restaurants may want to integrate their menu directly into the website/app, allowing customers to explorer their cuisines.

Restaurants that allow online reservations should have a system integrated into the website / app, where customers can easily select a date and time, the number of guests, and other relevant details.

Users should be able to easily locate the restaurant on a map and get directions from their current location.

Users should be able to leave reviews and ratings for restaurants they’ve visited, which can help others make informed decisions.

Users should be able to share information about restaurants they find on the website/app on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc…

The FoodStreet may allowing  restaurants to advertise their promotions and deals to customers on a low price.

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